2. 480 pages of incredible, high quality, solid wood furniture. Dozens of styles and designs, including Traditional, Arts and Crafts, Modern Casual, Transitional, and Contemporary, offer something for everyone.
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Modern Farmhouse Collections

Modern Casual Furniture

Live Edge by Simply Amish

Cindy Shockey’s Modern Farmhouse by Simply Amish, has been years in the making. Cindy has designed a collection that’s not modern or traditional, but encompasses every style in-between. Her goal is simple. Create fabulous furniture designs that are timeless in their style and effortless in their beauty.

The focus on Modern Farmhouse’s collections is on exceptional design details. Any given piece fits perfectly into a home in the Hamptons, a ranch house in Montana, or a loft in the canyons of Manhattan. New stains and finishing techniques allow for the same piece of furniture to work in diverse environments. The furniture collections are made in America by Simply Amish Craftsmen, with a 36-year history of producing furniture of unparalleled quality.

Auburn Bay Bedroom Collection

Auburn Bay - Sleep

View Collection

Auburn Bay Dining Collection

Auburn Bay - Eat

View Collection

Auburn Bay Living Collection

Auburn Bay - Live

View Collection

Crawford Bedroom Collection

Crawford - Sleep

View Collection

Crawford Dining Collection

Crawford - Eat

View Collection

Crawford Living Collection

Crawford - Live

View Collection

Ironwood Bedroom Collection

Ironwood - Sleep

View Collection

Ironwood Dining Collection

Ironwood - Eat

View Collection

Ironwood Living Collection

Ironwood - Live

View Collection

Montauk Bedroom Collection

Montauk - Sleep

View Collection

Montauk Dining Collection

Montauk - Eat

View Collection

Montauk Living Collection

Montauk - Live

View Collection

Parkdale Bedroom Collection

Parkdale - Sleep

View Collection

Parkdale Dining Collection

Parkdale - Eat

View Collection

Parkdale Living Collection

Parkdale - Live

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Wildwood Bedroom Collection

Wildwood - Sleep

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Wildwood Dining Collection

Wildwood - Eat

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Wildwood Living Collection

Wildwood - Live

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