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#224 Lamp Shade, Dark Cream/Dark Amber...

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#224 Floor Lamp Shade, Dark Cream/Dark Amber

(SKU: LR224-F)

Overall Dimensions: 18"w x 18"d

2 Tone Available: No

#224 Table Lamp Shade, Dark Cream/Dark Amber

(SKU: LR224-T)

Overall Dimensions: 14"w x 14"d

2 Tone Available: No

Available Hardwoods and Finishes

Olde World

Due to the infinite variations in hardware and color profiles we will not guarantee that the final product will match the screen image. See your dealer for actual wood samples before ordering.

Available Finishes

Each of the above colors has 8 options. The image to the left displays two of those options. See the chart below for the options and upcharges.

  Description A B C D
1 We start with Character Cherry, so knots and natural cracks (stable) will be in every piece. x x x x
2 We hand plane the surfaces, creating an unevenness that resembles an antique. x      
3 General Distressing* — this is actually about 6 steps in itself. x x    
4 Sand and sand some more x x x x
5 Add base color x x x x
6 Seal x x x x
7 Create “rub thru” areas as appropriate. x x x  
8 Add more color using glazes and dry brush technique for highlights, sealing each one during the process. x x x x
9 Seal again x x x x
10 Sand some more x x x x
11 Top coat (2 coats plus a sanding step in between) x x x x
12 Do you want this waxed and buffed? Adds another 4 steps to blend the wax into the varnish, rendering a finish that’s smooth as butter. Optional on all distressing levels
  Include Waxing and Buffing A1
  No Waxing and Buffing A2
*General distressing involves creating worm holes, dents, time worn edges, and cracks by the use of many hand tools that the specially trained craftsman will use to creatively “distress” the furniture, giving it that “Olde World” look. All Olde World distressing is being done in a controlled environment with only a few craftsmen involved to insure we get consistency. Due to the natural characteristics of the wood and the individual craftsmen, no two pieces will ever be alike.