1. For over thirty years Simply Amish furniture has been creating high quality, handcrafted solid wood furniture, made by Simply Amish craftsmen. Each piece is lovingly crafted and sanded by hand ensuring heirloom quality on every piece. Each collection is available in Quarter Sawn White Oak, Oak, Soft Maple, Hard Maple, Hickory, Cherry, and Walnut — this in combination with our many stains gives over 100 color and wood choices.
  2. But it doesn’t stop there, we can adjust or change just about any dimension on all the furniture we create — making the possibilities just about endless.
  3. Because everyone has their own unique home and style, Simply Amish furniture makes available a wide selection of styles from: Mission, Classic, Traditional, Shaker, Country, Contemporary, and Transitional. Making your home uniquely yours.

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Aspen 6-Drawer Chest

MäRyan 5-Drawer Chest

Homestead 9-Drawer Chest

Empire His/Hers Chest

Classic Short Chest

Monarch 6-Drawer Chest

Loft 6-Drawer Chest, Cherry #28 Bourbon

Shaker 6-Drawer Chest

Aspen Short Chest

Prairie Mission 6-Drawer Chest

San Miguel 6-Drawer Chest, Character QSWO #26 Michael's

Homestead Short Chest

Loft 6-Drawer Chest

Aspen Chest on Chest

Homestead 5-Drawer Chest

Aspen 6-Drawer Chest, Cherry #26 Michael's

Shaker 9-Drawer Chest

Shaker 9-Drawer Chest

Homestead 6-Drawer Chest

Justine 9-Drawer Chest

Shaker 5-Drawer Chest

Shaker 5-Drawer Chest

Louis Philippe 6-Drawer Chest

Shaker Short Chest

Classic 6-Drawer Chest

Aspen 9-Drawer Chest

Prairie Mission 9-Drawer Chest

Classic 9-Drawer Chest

McCoy 6-Drawer Chest

Aspen 5-Drawer Chest

Loft 9-Drawer Chest

McCoy 6-Drawer Chest, Quartersawn #26 Michael's

Empire 9-Drawer Chest

Cadwell 5-Drawer Chest

Classic Chest on Chest

Empire Short Chest

Savannah 9-Drawer Chest

Imperial 7-Drawer Chest

Braden 6-Drawer Chest

McCoy 9-Drawer Chest

Savannah 6-Drawer Chest

San Miguel 6-Drawer Chest

Homestead Chest on Chest

Royal Mission Short Chest

Empire 6-Drawer Chest

Grant 6-Drawer Chest

Colburn 6-Drawer Chest

Cadwell Chest on Chest

Sophia 6-Drawer Chest

B&O Railroad© Trestle Bridge 6-Drawer Chest

Sophia 9-Drawer Chest

Frontier 5-Drawer Chest

Grant 9-Drawer Chest

Georgia 6-Drawer Chest

Georgia 9-Drawer Chest

Cadwell 6-Drawer Chest

Shaker Chest on Chest

Shaker Chest on Chest

Beaver Falls 5-Drawer Chest

Royal Mission 9-Drawer Chest

Royal Mission 6-Drawer Chest

East Village 9-Drawer Chest

Colburn 9-Drawer Chest

East Village 6-Drawer Chest

Beaumont 6-Drawer Chest

Garrett 6-Drawer Chest, Cherry #30, Mocha Nut

Shenandoah 6-Drawer Chest, Character Cherry #26 Michael's

Shenandoah 6-Drawer Chest

Naomi 6-Drawer Chest

Garrett 6-Drawer Chest, Cherry (Specify Stain Choice)

San Miguel 6-Drawer Chest, Character QSWO (Specify Stain Choice)

Garrett 6-Drawer Chest

Crawford 5-Drawer Chest

Crawford 6-Drawer Chest

Showing results 1 - 74 of 74

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